Here you can download materials related to the project, including public consultation materials and plans, studies and reports submitted to the City of Toronto as part of the combined rezoning and Official Plan Amendment application.

Preliminary Report to Toronto & East York Community Council

A Preliminary Report was considered and adopted with amendments at the January 8, 2020 TEYCC session. This report provides information and identifies a preliminary set of issues regarding Primaris’ proposed redevelopment of the north parking lots of Dufferin Mall, which include four mixed use buildings, a new private street through the site, and a public park. The report recommends that City staff schedule a community consultation meeting and notify residents of the area.

Combined ZBA + OPA Application – July 8 , 2019

On July 8, 2019, Primaris submitted a combined application for rezoning (ZBA) and Official Plan Amendment (OPA) to redevelop the north parking lots of Dufferin Mall. The materials submitted in support of the application are included below. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have.

Cover Letter
The Cover Letter provides a high-level overview of the proposed development and the benefits it will bring to the neighbourhood and city, as well as a list of materials submitted in support.

Planning Rationale & Urban Design Analysis
This document provides an analysis of the development site and surrounding context and a detailed overview of the proposed development. It also includes an analysis of how the proposed development responds to provincial and municipal planning policy and urban design guidelines.

Architectural Drawings
The architectural package includes visualization images, development statistics, context and site plans, floor plans, and building elevations and sections.

Landscape Plans & Sections
These drawings illustrate the proposed landscape treatment, including the proposed concept for the on-site park, the private internal road, and the Croatia Street and Dufferin Street streetscapes.

Sun / Shadow Study
The Sun/Shadow Study provides a visual model and written description of the impacts of shadows cast by the proposed development on neighbouring streets, parks and open spaces, and other sensitive land uses. This study documents the impact of shadows between 9:18 am and 6:18 pm on March 21, June 21, September 21, and December 21.

Community Services & Facilities Study
This study includes a review of social, economic and demographic information in light of existing and projected supply and demand of community services and facilities (schools, libraries, community centres, day care facilities, parks and open spaces, etc.). It also includes a detailed inventory of all community services and facilities within the prescribed study area.

Public Consultation Strategy Report
This report provides an overview of consultation undertaken to date, and the goal of consultation moving forward. This includes a summary of key messages to be communicated to the public, matters to be addressed through consultation, and a description of how target audiences will be engaged.

Archaeological Report
The purpose of this report is to identify and evaluate the presence of archaeological resources on the site (physical remains of structures, events, places, features or objects which with the passage of time, may be below the surface of the land, and may be important to understanding the history of a people or place). This report concludes that there is no potential for the presence of significant pre-contact or Euro-Canadian archaeological resources that may be impacts by site preparation or construction activities.

Functional Servicing & Stormwater Management Report
This report determined the overall impact on municipal services such as water treatment plants, water distribution systems and pressure zones, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, truck sewers, and stormwater management facilities. It also identifies the necessary improvements to municipal infrastructure to support the proposed development, as well as mitigation measures to minimize any negative impacts.

Transportation Considerations Report – Part 1
This report provides an assessment of the transportation aspects of the proposed development. It includes an overview of the project, which outlines key transportation findings. It also includes a technical study, assessing the proposal through various lenses: a Master Plan & Integrated Mobility Framework; a summary of Transportation Policy; Travel Demand Forecasting; Multi-Model Travel Assessment; a review of Vehicular Traffic Operations; and a review of site planning elements.

Transportation Considerations Report – Part 2 – Appendix
This document contains the appendices to the main body of the Transportation Considerations Report.

Energy Strategy Report
The purpose of the Energy Strategy Report is the early identification of opportunities to integrate local energy solutions that are efficient, low carbon and resilient. The findings of this report will inform the Toronto Green Standard Energy Report later on.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment identifies potential or existing site contamination, stemming from current or previous uses, through a process of collecting evidence on the site and reviewing background documents.

Arborist Report
This technical document provides detailed information about individual trees on private and public lands that are affected by the proposed development. The report identifies tree care methodology and details specific treatments required to protect and to preserve trees before, during and after construction.

Tree Preservation Plan
Submitted in conjunction with the Arborist Report, this plan documents the location, size, number and species or trees, and identifies trees to be removed or retained and protected.

Pedestrian Level Wind Assessment
This technical document describes the impact of winds associated with the development on adjacent streets, parks and open spaces. Wind impacts at various times of the year are evaluated.

Geotechnical Study
This study is an objective, science-based sub-surface investigation study that analyses soil and bedrock composition to determine its structural stability and its ability to accommodate development.

Hydrogeological Investigation
The objectives of the Hydrogeological Investigation are to establish the local hydrogeological setting, establish short-term discharge rates for the construction phase and long-term discharge rates for the post-construction phase, conform to the permitting requirements for dewatering activities, and to assess potential impacts of dewatering activities near the site.

Noise & Vibration Study
This technical report provides a written description of the impact of noise and vibration generated by the proposed development on the surrounding environment, the impact of noise and vibration generated by the surrounding environment on the proposed development, and the impact of noise and vibration generated by proposed development on itself. The report also includes recommended measured to mitigate any negative impacts.

Draft Zoning By-Law 569-2013, Draft Zoning By-Law 438-86, and Draft OPA
Draft zoning by-law amendments were submitted for both the old City of Toronto Zoning By-law (438-86) and the new City-wide Zoning By-Law 569-2013, to permit the proposed development. While the proposed development is in keeping with the direction of the Official Plan, a draft Official Plan Amendment was submitted in an abundance of caution, and to manage any implementation issues that may arise over the course of the approvals process.

Public Open House #2 – April 2, 2019

Primaris hosted the second public open house on April 2, 2019 at St. Mary Catholic Academy. The panels below were used to share how the project has continued to evolve, include working concepts for a new park, a new street through the site, and built form.  introduce the project and project team to the neighbourhood, share our early development ideas, and to facilitate discussion around the future of the site. Have a look at the panels, a please don’t hesitate to provide input or ask questions through the project website.

Welcome to the Open House
About Primaris and the Project Team
The Planning Process
The Site Today and in History
The Future of Dufferin Mall
Site Context
Major Transit Station Area – Policy Direction
What We Heard at the First Open House
How will this development benefit the neighbourhood and city?
A New Park: Drawing Inspiration from the Past & Present
A New Park: Objectives, Location and Materials
Park Concept and Sketch
Concept Site Plan
Concept for a New Shared Street
Concept for New Development on Dufferin Street
Transportation: Getting to and Through the Site
What goes into a rezoning application?
Thank You, Keep in Touch!

Public Open House #1 – January 21, 2019

Primaris hosted the first public open house on January 21, 2019 at Bloor Collegiate Institute. The panels below were used to introduce the project and project team to the neighbourhood, share our early development ideas, and to facilitate discussion around the future of the site. Stay tuned for details on the second open house (Spring 2019), but in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to provide input or ask questions through the project website.

Welcome to the Open House
About Primaris and the Project Team
The Planning Process
The Site Today and in History
The Future of Dufferin Mall
What do you think of the site today?
Site and Surrounding Context
Major Transit Station Area – Policy Direction
Development Context
Creating Connections Through the Site
Contributing to the Network of Parks & Open Space
Adding New Uses and Activating the Streets