Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the project. If you have any additional questions or comments, send an email to the address below.

What will the future of the development of the site look like?

The proposed development consists of a new private road that connects Croatia Street to Dufferin Street, and creates two development blocks. The west block extends from the existing Dufferin Mall and includes a five-storey podium with two tall buildings, 35 and 39 storeys in height. The east block consists of an eight-storey podium with two tall buildings, 14 and 23 storeys in height. Altogether, 1,135 residential units are proposed; these are currently planned to be purpose-built rental housing. The proposed development also includes a 1,561 square metre public park, 11,639 square metres of retail uses, and streetscape improvements along Dufferin and Croatia streets. Please visit the Resources page for full details.

What will happen to Dufferin Mall? Is the mall staying?

Dufferin Mall is a top-performing regional mall, and only the unenclosed portion at the north end of the site will be redeveloped , as well as the stand-alone restaurants. However, the redevelopment of the site will result in an overall increase in retail, both enclosed mall space and street-related retail along Dufferin and Croatia streets.

What kind of retail will the development include?

The proposed development includes 11,639 square metres of new retail, including an extension of the internalized mall with larger-format retailers, and a finer grain of retail along Dufferin Street and Croatia Street. As retail leasing takes place further into the process, it is difficult to say what kind of retail the development might include.

What will the new public park look like?

The proposed development includes a 1,561 square metre park, representing 10% of the development site. The park is about the same size as another nearby park – Irene Avenue Parkette (Shaw Street north of Bloor Street West). The proposed park is designed to accommodate a broad range of ages and users. It includes both hard surfaces with tree planters and seating, as well as landscaped mounds with large canopy trees. The landscape design looks to the site’s existing and historic uses for inspiration, and it is proposed that existing materials – asphalt, concrete, wood, metal, and resilient plans – be recycled and artfully rearranged and showcased. Please see the Resources page for full details.

What kind of residential units will the development include?

Of the 1,135 residential units, 105 (9%) are three-bedroom units. The average three-bedroom unit is 110 square metres in size, which is larger than the City’s recommended size for family-friendly dwellings. These units are distributed throughout the development, with 26% being clustered in the podiums of the proposed buildings in order to provide more direct access to the outdoors and to reduce dependency on elevators. An additional 461 units (41%) are two-bedroom units, which will also appeal to a range of household types.

The proposed buildings incorporate flexible construction methods which allow some adjacent one-bedroom units to be converted into larger units (two-bedrooms + den or three-bedroom units). If all of these units were combined, an additional 62 three-bedroom units could be provided (16% of all units).

How will the project impact traffic in the area?

BA Group has prepared a Transportation Considerations Report as part of the application. The report concludes that traffic volume increases associated with the proposed development are mostly limited to local arterial routes (Dufferin Street and Bloor Street West) and the road connections between the site and those routes. Traffic volume increases on local residential streets such as Brock Avenue are anticipated to be minor. Please visit the Resources page for full details.

If the surface parking lots are being redeveloped, will there be less parking at Dufferin Mall?

The proposed development includes 736 underground parking spaces to replace the existing surface parking, and for future residents of the development and visitors. The existing parking structure in front of Wal-Mart and No Frills will not be impacted.

Is the Church included in the redevelopment?

No, Our Lady Queen of Croatia Church is a separate property and is not part of the redevelopment program.

What is the timeline for this project?

Primaris hosted two public open houses in the first half of 2019 to seek initial input and to get feedback on development concepts. A combined application for rezoning and Official Plan Amendment, which initiates the City’s official review of the proposal. Construction could potentially begin by 2022.

When will there be a public meeting for this application?

City of Toronto planning staff will determine the timing of statutory, City-led public meetings.

Are there other opportunities for the public to provide input on the project?

Yes. In addition to the open houses and City-led public meetings, a project kiosk has been set up in Dufferin Mall, in front of No Frills. Here you will be able to find information on the project and provide feedback on a comment card. You can also provide input and ask questions through this website. Please see the Contact page.